About me

For one week only I will be taking sessions midweek during
the days 27th, 28th 29th 30th December
these will start 10am and the latest will end at 10pm
and on
31st December between 2pm to 5pm.
I am always asked for daytimes so book early as likely to go quickly.

I AM A PRO DOMME, please remember this if you wish to send
me a message as I do not require a personal sub/slave at this time.


This is mainly for those in the UK and really for those able to
meet near DERBY, either in your home, a hotel or in the
playroom I hire in a private house (not my home).

I am a pretty, 28yr old, English, slim, semi-novice, Pro Domme
and after my first few weeks of sessions I cannot wait for the
next weekend to arrive so I can have more to develop my skills
further with some lucky subs either male or female. I hope that
I continue to have as much fun as I have had over these past weeks.

Obviously, as these are still initial interactions, as a Domme, the
tribute required will be low. I will hope for a little leeway and
understanding during this time as Domme/sub, especially as to
your levels of ‘discomfort’ and even the amount of foot and shoe
worship many of you enjoy as I want to get the ratio correct

Saying this, I am getting better at reading the signs

For these, initial sessions, it will be shoe/foot worship, CBT, CP with
a range of toys and clamps, on feet, legs, arse, nipples and back.
Blindfold, gag, hood and ropes can be used.

If you have your own desired toys then please bring them along too.

I am happy to tie and tease in the playroom or leave you bound
in a semi private garden. I have an used dog crate which can act
as a small cage and more than happy for service subs who which
to help make the house, and playroom, nicer to attend

I have just bought my own strap-on so for those that wish it, and
if you are well behaved, I might fuck you and say you are a good
boy during a two hour session.


NO SEX, YOU WILL NOT touch Me and only if you have been a very
good boy will you cum, so do not think this is a meeting for sex.

If the reality of being a Pro Domme continues to be as good,
as it has been so far, then those lucky subs who have helped
me, in these early days, will gain a higher position in My eyes.
As such, you will receive a nicer tribute rate compared to those
who did not say hello in these ‘early’ days of my Fetish life.

I have had 4 weekends of good sessions, even if many little subs
did not turn up.  I have had good feedback (on News/Blog page)
and I am pleasingly surprised with the ease I have donned my
Domly persona during these encounters.  I, therefore, eagerly
await each new weekend when I have the chance to try new
techniques on my next lucky little men.