I have had some very nice subs offer help to enable me
to become the Domme I am – so I mention them here
so they know how much I appriciate their help

A big thank you to tilly who worked magic sealing my bath,
changing the
mixer taps and fixing the shower so subs can
now have a shower if they need one.

A really big ‘thank you’ to geeky who set up My new webpages
and suffered My endless ‘ add this, do that’ and ‘can it’ requests.

A warm cyber hug (pun intended) to little spoony, without whose
timely assistence the hot water problem, at the playroom house,
might still be unfixed.

Congratulations to my little piggy who was willingly, and
continually, rinsed and has reached his first £1,000 target.

A multi-thank you to Ce-Mark for his arsenal of hitty toys
that visiting subs will enjoy, or maybe not.

A very unexpected thank you to ab-lb for his 3 gifts, looking
forward to wearing one and adding photos as soon as possible