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from o-er
I am acutely ashamed to say I did not realise how beautiful she really is,
all throughout the session I could not take my eyes of her, I was totally
mesmerised.  From the moment I saw her, I was like putty in her precious
hands.  I was absolutely stunned by her addictive personality.
I have been in the scene for 18 years and have never had such a
wonderful experience.

It is so easy for someone give themselves a title such as GODDESS but
this lady is definitely one.

from r-e
Dear Goddess Zuzan, thank you for the absolutely unbelievable session.
i know you will hear this all the time but you are totally stunning.  You
did a perfect session, i couldn’t imagine it being any better.  i go to total
mush when i am in front of a dominant female, but you took control of
everything perfectly. 
The difference from my first two sessions to now is
outstanding. Your playroom is brilliant and very creative.  i left home at
7am and returned home 4pm, i have travelled around 260miles and  it was
totally worth it to serve you.
  What i loved about the session, foot worship, breathing control, sensual stuff you did, i absolutely cant believe how good
you were at doing it.  I really enjoyed the ball busting, whipping my little
thingy, it is black and blue.  i cant believe you hit me so hard, i am so grateful,
thank you so much i loved it. 
What really stood out was how you mocked me
and when i cried out, you were totally adorable.  Then when you give me a
sensual comforting it was wonderful.  You didn’t do everything i asked for
but it doesn’t matter at all because i want you to enjoy the session too.  i
loved the cage and how you sat outside and ate a banana. 
everything was perfect.  i totally adore you. I still cant believe how
good everything was.

from gg1-0
Saturday am…I’m just recovering from a very special 2 hours I
spent last night with Mistress ZuZan. OMG she was absolutely awesome.
I had the most amazing session I have had in years. Very professional in
every way possible. It was an absolute pleasure to be under her total control.
My nipples are still sore and very tender but what an amazing feeling to
carry round with you.
Thank You Mistress and I will definitely be back. Sighs. X


from mj
I really enjoyed being tied down. Your rope work is excellent.
And, funnily, I liked the bed frame…..Never experienced that
purple static wand before but really liked it…..And you’ve got
a very attractive figure – loved your legs in that PVC with
purple high heels – stunning…..An amazing experience.
Would love to do it again

from s-4a

YOU are a very classy, intelligent, sensual domme
and I adored playing with you.  The only thing
that restricts me
seeing you more often is distance
and cost (although your costs are reasonable), and
my availability.

from t-cdtv2

Thank you MistressZuZan I was in total awe of you
from the moment you opened the door,
I hope I was
respectful enough to you,
I felt I had really fell into
you Web,
you are a beautiful goddess who really
know show to use me, thank you for using
me xxx

from r

You are fantastic, but you probably know that.
One of the best experiences I have had ever.  Very
human with a soft touch combining kindness
cruelty is great on the receiving end. 
I went home
marked but not hurt
and lifted up not pushed down.
Wish I could afford that sort of treatment all the time.
Probably more of a Princess than a Mistress in a very
good way.     10 out of 10 

from g6

Very professional.  Very good looking and attractive
Very good manner and way in which you built up kinks
(esp flogging learning my limits but taking consideration
with marks left where). 
This built trust and i felt
comfortable with you

from c2u

In session you were lovely, very gentle and refreshingly
A slave’s body, cock n balls belong to his
it’s nice when she takes control of them
and feels free to manhandle.

from bt

I enjoyed the session. Thankyou for taking it gently
and I thought the way you led me and teased me
and built it up was great.