Mistress Zu’Zan


Mistress ZuZan513A photo or two of My favourite shoes and boots

Mistress ZuZan05

Mistress ZuZan06a

Mistress ZuZan01

Mistress ZuZan03

Recently a sub came for a Tie n Tease session and asked if
I would wear these outfits.  They were fresh out of their
sexy boxes so how could I say no.
Such a shame I could not keep them

Mistress ZuZan23


Mistress ZuZan09

Mistress ZuZan17


Mistress ZuZan79

Some of my few outfits

Mistress ZuZan376

Mistress ZuZan384

Mistress ZuZan421

Mistress ZuZan409

Mistress ZuZan448

Mistress ZuZan456

Mistress ZuZan524

Mistress ZuZan542

Mistress ZuZan549

Mistress ZuZan568

Mistress ZuZan371