Saturday afternoon 22nd September reduced session tributes

If you are looking for a entertaining session Saterday afternoon check my profile and if any of my sessions appeal there is a 20% discount

I will need an hours notice in most cases

Thank you for peering into some of the sessions I have
taken over the last 6 months

Please be aware these are REAL sessions, not posed,
staged, studio lit or images taken from soft porn films.
Real moments from real sessions with real subs attending
kindly, allowed Me to take an image for My webpage

I would also ask for your patience as I can only add
more images when My subs allow images to be taken.





WhatsApp Image 2017-11-24 at 22.05.53


Mistress ZuZan p03

Mistress ZuZan p01

Mistress ZuZan p05

Mistress ZuZan p04

Mistress ZuZan727

Mistress ZuZan1091

Mistress ZuZan1090


Mistress ZuZan1094

Mistress ZuZan1093


When I have more I will post