Game Finished:
Congratulations to ohio-cd who will get a photo or 10 when we get a new outfit.
it does not look like this type of game was of interest to you

The image above is a UK Government vehicle registration document. It shows a number plate beginning G37? A?? with the last number and last letter hidden. There can be no cheating with the number.

(1) you enter the game by sending £5 either by Paypal or by sending an Amazon Gift Voucher ‘code’ directly to, or via the gift card in Our Amazon WishList.

(2) submit your guess about the last hidden number and letter, e.g. G370 –Z, in the comment form below.

Your guess will be shown in the table below

When 25 guesses have been made, or on the 2nd April (whichever comes first) the nearest guess will win 10 photos from a photoshoot when We wear that dress,

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