It was suggested, by a charming sub in London, that I create a

I have, therefore, created two lists of outfits and BDSM toys
and other items that will be useful or Domly or simply desired.

If you would like to buy Me a gift for 2018 there are items
from under £3 which I hope will make you feel as good when
when you buy it for Me as I will feel when I receive it.

If Domly, or sexy outfits, are gifted then I will wear them
in a photoshoot and post the images as soon as possible

There are also DiY tasks shown below that can give you rewards

I have an Amazon list and, below that, a list of items
from Ebay and other sources.

My Amazon wishlist  – Click Here

For the  items, below, Paypal will be the easiet option so if you wish
to buy them for me please use my account

Kalis Teeth Ring Chastity Device £22.18

Electro Male Chastity Device £15.99

Dragon Head Walking Stick £39.95

Below are two gifts that are a little expensive and I would
not expect anyone to gift one individually.  I am happy for
you to contribute any amount you wish
towards them.

Nikon DSLR Camera


My Nikon, that I used for sessions and photoshoots,
stopped working and it is frustrating having to wait for a
friend with a camera to take new photos.   I am looking
for a new, or used, Nikon
D7200 (maybe s D5200/D5300)
to record play sessions and, obviously, photoshoots of Me.
If you can help, by selling one or gifting a little I will add your
gift to the total so you can see how the contributions are going.
Gifted: £130

I will also need a new, or used, 50mm F1.8 Auto Focus Lens
suitable for the Nikon   Gifted: £10

A Maincoon, Norwegian Forest or Savannah Female Cat


I realise this is a little strange but every Domme should have
a pet that reflects Her personality.  The effortless sadism
of these feline Divas and the way they will play
with prey
makes a cat My perfect pet.  I have been looking
for a silver
tabby female for months so I hope you can help.   Gifted  £30

 DIY Tasks as gifts or as tribute towards a session

 fit 2 hinges to a PVC patio door

service on a Potterton centrol heating boiler

fix a none-cooling American type fridge-freezer

plumb in a bidet

wallpaper (remove/put up) in a hallway and stairwell

paint a staircase and landing spindle bannister

A strange one: I have a 12 x 20ft internal wall
and would  like to get a mural painted

Uproot, and swap 2 small fruit trees and / or lay 20
(45cm x 45cm) slabs on to soil

Session Outfits

Above, in my wishlist, are some outfits I have chosen
as sexy to wear during booked sessions

If you find something you would like to see me wear
in a short photoshoot then send me a link
and if I like it you may buy it for me.

Outfits can be lacy, skimpy (within reason) short or
low, long dress or short with low neckline and split hem.
And obviously I will have a photo session in any new outfits I get.

This is a chance for you to show some style, skill and obviously
‘class’.  Nothing under £10 please as that would just be tacky.