It was suggested, by a charming sub in London, that I create a

I have, therefore, created a wishlist of outfits and BDSM toys.
If you would like to buy Mee a gift for 2018 there are items
from under £5 which I hope will make you feel as good when
when you buy it for Me as I will feel when I get it.

If Domly, or sexy outfits, are gifted then I will wear then
in a photoshoot and post the images as soon as possible

There are also DiY tasks shown below that can give you rewards


My Amazon wishlist  – Click Here

For the items, below, Paypal will be the easiet option so please use
account MistressZuZan@hotmail.com

Kalis Teeth Ring Chastity Device £22.18

Electro Male Chastity Device £15.99

Below are two gifts that are a little expensive and I would
not expect anyone to gift one individually.  I am happy for
you to contribute any amount you wish
towards them.

Nikon DSLR Camera


My Nikon, that I used for sessions and photoshoots,
stopped working and it is frustrating having to wait for a
friend with a camera to take new photos.   I really need a
new, or used, r
eplacement high quality DSLR, 12megapixels
or higher, to record some sessions and, obviously, take photos
of Me.  If you can help I will add your gift to the total so you
can see how the contributions are going.    Gifted: £100

A Maincoon or Norwegian Forest Female Cat


I realise this is a little strange but every Domme should have
a pet that reflects Her personality.  The effortless sadism
of these feline Divas and the way they will play
with prey
makes a cat My perfect pet.  I have been looking
for a silver
tabby female for months so I hope you can help.   Gifted  £30

 DIY Tasks as gifts or as tribute towards a session

service on a Potterton centrol heating boiler

fix a none-cooling American type fridge-freezer

plumb in a bidet

wallpaper (remove/put up) in a hallway and stairwell

Sand/prepare and paint a staircase spindle bannister

Re-wire a hall light

The car, I get a lift in, needs a service and I told the owner I would
get it done as I have added a 1,000 miles in 3 months to its use.
If you can do a service, your best mate is a mechanic etc then you
can have a session in exchange for a service on an old mazda6 diesel.
Oil/air filter change, oil flush/new oil. no idea what else is dealt with.

Session Outfits

Above, in my wishlist, are some outfits I have chosen
as sexy to wear during booked sessions

If you find something you would like to see me wear
in a short photoshoot then send me a link
and if I like it you may buy it for me.

Outfits can be lacy, skimpy (within reason) short or
low, long dress or short with low neckline and split in hem.
And obviously I will have a photo session in any new outfits I get.

This is a chance for you to show some style, skill and obviously
‘class’.  Nothing under £10 please as that would just be tacky.