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from s-4a
YOU are a very classy, intelligent, sensual domme and I adored playing with you. The only thing that restricts me seeing you more often is distance and cost (although your costs are reasonable), and my availability.

Providimg a good mixture of sensual domination & strictness* Mistress will push limits when needed & exceeds expectationsStarted being tied to the cross naked & exposed before this gorgeous young Mistress*My cock was shocked & Mistress was able to make this challenging without being overwhelming*Punishments are interspersed with sensual touch which is very enjoyable & intoxicating*Mistress can control her submissives emotional state & made me crave her touch*Mistress blind-folded me for some impact play, my bottom was properly warmed up for spanking before other more painful implements were used*I was pushed to near safeword but not to it* Mistress inspires a submissive to push their limits to please & amuse her which I hope I did*Mistress has a good level of skill & the session included, CBT, Electrics, Impact Play*I left feeling that I had been well used & challenged*Mistress does allow a safeword but she pushed me to a level where it was not necessary to use*I’m looking forward to continuing my training

from bt
I enjoyed the session. Thankyou for taking it gently and I thought the way you led me and teased me and built it up was great.

from j-11
Hi mistress,yes it was great session u did really well considering u not done much trample like this.You certainly left your mark on my balls ;-).

from grmm::
Thank your your time this morning and also for allowing a newbie into your playroom. I enjoyed the session and your company very much. I must apologise once again for my lack of control towards the end of the session.I look forward to seeing you again as time permits

form jtl7:
Thankyou again – it was a really lovely time with you-you always seem to know just what I want, the mark of an expert. xxx.

From c2u
In session you were lovely, very gentle and refreshingly tactile. A slave’s body, cock n balls belong to his Mistress, it’s nice when she takes control of them and feels free to manhandle.

from g6
Very professionalVery good looking and attractiveVery good manner and way in which you built up kinks (esp flogging learning my limits but taking consideration with marks left where)This built trust and i felt comfortable with you

from t-cdtv2
Thank you MistressZuZan I was in total awe of you from the moment you opened the door, I hope I was respectful enough to you, I felt I had really fell into you Web, you are a beautiful goddess who really knows how to use me, thank you for using me xxx

from mj
I really enjoyed being tied down. Your rope work is excellent. And, funnily, I liked the bed frame…..Never experienced that purple static wand before but really liked it…..And you’ve got a very attractive figure – loved your legs in that PVC with purple high heels – stunning…..An amazing experience. Would love to do it again

from r
You are fantastic, but you probably know that. One of the best experiences I have had ever. Very human with a soft touch combining kindness and cruelty is great on the receiving end.I went home marked but not hurt and lifted up not pushed down. Wish I could afford that sort of treatment all the time. Probably more of a Princess than a Mistress in a very good way. 10 out of 10

from ww
Thank you so much for allowing me to serve you yesterday, your perceptions, wit and style burned me with ecstasy and torment. From the moment I slipped on those knickers and tights it was dream come true, I just wanted to become a prancing obedient pup girl xx
If I’m honest Mistress, another part of me loved being thrashed on the bench, some of my fantasies afterward have mainly consisted of me as a chained up male, you driving me to tears with your whip and discipline, I cant get rid of that anal sensation. On the other hand I’m googling chiffon french maid outfits and have an image of quietly cleaning your floor.

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