The plate is now shownWe played this game last year and had a fairly good response with the winner coming for a session as lived in Birmingham so close enough to visit.

So, here is another chance to win a playroom session with Lady Zeva.

WIN a playroom session worth up to £135.
As you can see, the above image was a UK legal, vehicle registration plate
The vehicle’s licence number is K** *UE (it was not a private number)


Simply guess the two missing numbers, obviously between 00 and 99, closest wins.
If 2 guesses as as close as each other then, as a decider, also guess the missing letter and that closest wins.

(1) you enter the game by sending £5 either by Paypal or by sending an Amazon Gift Voucher ‘code’ directly to, or via the gift card in Our Amazon WishList.

(2) submit your guess, e.g. K00 AUE, in the comment form below.

Guesses made will appear in the table.

When 25 guesses have been made the one closest to the correct number wins the session in Our Derby playroom (check the session type you wish on out Sessions page).

If you live too far away to visit, you can take £100 paid via amazon gift card or paypal.


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