Game Finished:
Congratulations to ropelover who will be taking a session later this month.
If any want another chance let Us know and We will set up another game.
Plate number was R603 as image shows.

WIN a playroom session worth up to £110.
As you can see, the above image is of a UK legal, Government document for a vehicle
(so there will be no cheating). The vehicle’s licence number is R6**. (it is not a private number)


Simply guess the two missing numbers, i.e. R699.

(1) you enter the game by sending £5 either by Paypal or by sending an Amazon Gift Voucher ‘code’ directly to, or via the gift card in Our Amazon WishList.

(2) submit your guess, e.g. R699, in the comment form below.

Guesses made will appear in the table.

When 25 guesses have been made the one closest to the correct number wins the session in Our Derby playroom (check the session type you wish on out Sessions page).

If you live too far away to visit, phone sessions could be arranged or finally £100 can be paid to the winner if 25 guesses are made.

If, by March 31st, 25 guesses have not been made a winner will be selected from the guesses entered.

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